Baby Chicks, Holidays, & Deadlines

First order of business, the babies are about seven days old now, and yes, there are adorable (and a lot of work)!

The kids are off school this week, so they’re enjoying handling the chicks while I clean out their brooder. It’s a great opportunity to teach them about the life cycle, and one of the most fun parts of running a farm.

Less fun? Meeting a 30k deadline this week. Every once in a while, writing as my day job bites me in the rear, and this was one of those times! I had to bust out my wrist brace and write into the night for my own work…which is due for the first round of developmental edits on December 1st!

Add Thanksgiving and an early Hannukah to the mix, and we are b u s y this month. Good busy, but I apologize in advance for any lack of updates in the next couple of weeks!

Anyway, I hope all of you are having a lovely holiday season, whatever you might (or might not!) celebrate.

All the best,


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