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What Happens in Dallas?

Apparently vampires. Or upyrs, rather, (derived from old Eastern European folklore) because why keep things simple? This is the story of how I wrote 30,000 words in one day, caught the world’s worst cold that somehow wasn’t even Covid, fought to save my cherry tomatoes, and saved a baby goat (in that order). It allContinue reading “What Happens in Dallas?”

Writing and ADHD

For years, I assumed I could only be good at one thing at a time. If I was competent at work, that meant I was falling apart at home, or vice versa. Juggling and prioritizing tasks is just not in the ADHD wheelhouse. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I was diagnosed with ADHD well into my lateContinue reading “Writing and ADHD”

Fall Into Love

The temperature is dropping (even down here in Texas), and if you’re anything like me, you’re getting ready to cuddle up with a new book after a long day of work (or cuddle up with waaaay too many books waaaay too late in the night). If you’re looking for some good pre-Black Friday deals, someContinue reading “Fall Into Love”

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