When Time Won’t Stand Still

Content warnings: discussion of death and grief

First, I have to take a moment to thank everyone who sent me such kindness during this difficult time. It really, truly means a lot.

Second, I have to apologize for the delays in sending emails and review copies, as well as the delay in the second book of the Dallas series.

I’ve lost many people in my life, and while I’m not used to it (I hope I never get used to it), I am familiar with the ebb and flow of grief. I am even more familiar with the shape of grief in modern society, and the lack of space for it. Yes, I lost the woman who raised me, but the kids have a fundraiser on Thursday and I need to send in the form. Yes, a close friend died too young, but there’s a deadline on Monday, so that gives me two days of sadness (interspersed with childcare, housecleaning, and taking care of the farm animals), and then it’s back to work.


I’m so fortunate that my work is my passion, and it’s still hard. When I hated my job, it was nearly impossible.

We have such an obsession with productivity, don’t we? Yet I have never held someone’s hand on their deathbed and had them tell me they wished they’d worked more.

I hope, that if you are also grieving, you are given the grace to make space for it. That if you aren’t given the space, you take it anyway. I hope you find comfort in the months and years to come in a world that spins so fast.

I wish all of you the best.

Until next time,


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