When Time Won’t Stand Still

Content warnings: discussion of death and grief First, I have to take a moment to thank everyone who sent me such kindness during this difficult time. It really, truly means a lot. Second, I have to apologize for the delays in sending emails and review copies, as well as the delay in the second bookContinue reading “When Time Won’t Stand Still”

What Happens in Dallas?

Apparently vampires. Or upyrs, rather, (derived from old Eastern European folklore) because why keep things simple? This is the story of how I wrote 30,000 words in one day, caught the world’s worst cold that somehow wasn’t even Covid, fought to save my cherry tomatoes, and saved a baby goat (in that order). It allContinue reading “What Happens in Dallas?”

ProWritingAid vs Grammarly

Shocking news, I know, but my grammar/spelling isn’t perfect. Hell, sometimes when I’m clocking in my first draft, fingers racing across the keyboard, my spelling can get as creative as an elf’s name in a fantasy novel. My day job is writing (ghostwriting, very spooky). My night job is writing (my own novels – evenContinue reading “ProWritingAid vs Grammarly”